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METIS Cyperspace Technology


METIS Cyberspace Technology develops innovative solutions that shape the future of global shipping, utilizing the power of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Assess Past Performance. Monitor Present Operations. Predict Future Behavior.

METIS Solutions


F.O. Consumption Optimization

  • Understand Actual Consumption
  • Reduce F.O. Consumption

Hull & Propeller Fouling Analysis

  • Optimize Vessel Performance
  • Reduce F.O. Consumption

Real-Time Monitoring

  • Optimize Machinery Performance
  • Minimize Unexpected Damages

      Route Cost Optimization

      • Optimize Speed Profile
      • Weather Prediction & Routing

      Total Emissions Management

      • Ensure Regulatory Compliance
      • Optimize Fleet Utilization

      Voyage Analysis

      • Achieve Operational Efficiency
      • Optimize Voyage Performance


        ME & DGs

        Route Optimization

        Monitor the operation of critical equipment in real-time, evaluate the performance and ensure regulatory compliance.
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