Sonihull Expands Representation in the United States

NRG Marine – Sonihull Ultra Sonic Anti-Fouling is very pleased to announce that American Ship Repair is now an official Partner/Representative for the United States. Our Head of Sales for the Americas, Michael Kemp stated “When I first met Peter Gianopulos, it was immediately apparent ASR would be a great fit to represent Sonihull. The history of ASR’s founding to how the company has evolved to the company it is today, and continues to evolve, speaks volumes about the company, the owners, the people, and ASR’s overall core values. I am very excited to have signed this agreement with Peter and looking forward to expanding both the US and International markets together. Sonihull, now in its 17th year continues to drive the Maritime, OG&E and Industrial sectors into a “greener future”. Sonihull is currently protecting critical internal/external areas from biofouling, scaling and general build-up on over 3800 vessels and assets globally, helping our clients to significantly reduce GHG emissions, lowering fuel consumption as well as maintenance costs, dry-dock costs and helping our clients achieve their CII ratings.”

Established in New York in 1951, ASR began service to the industry supporting the commercial fleet in the active years of commerce after WWII. The company has evolved to meet the challenges the maritime industry has faced. Today, with GHG targets on the horizon and the drive toward decarbonization, ASR has put together a ‘CII Toolbox’ – a portfolio of specialized solutions and products that support sustainable and safe vessel operation.

“We are pleased to welcome Sonihull into our CII Toolbox and honored to work alongside them,” commented ASR owner, Peter Gianopulos. “We believe the solutions Sonihull provides will offer great value to our customers along their decarbonization and efficiency journey. Sonihull represents an important addition to our portfolio.”

ASR provides sensible stem to stern solutions for the maritime industry with excellent best-in-class customer service. In addition to its headquarters in New York, ASR serves its customers via offices in Shanghai and affiliate offices in Athens and London. From engine room equipment to drydocking solutions, global shipyard representation and environmental regulation compliance solutions, ASR provides best-in-class solutions while remaining focused on customer-service and professionalism.


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