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Leading Ballast Water Treatment System Manufacturer


Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Greece, ERMA FIRST is a global leader in Ballast Water Technology Solutions.

Our robust systems ensure worldwide compliance, provide operational simplicity and reduce operational expenditure.ERMA FIRST’s customer-centric approach also offers flexible and convenient servicing through a trusted network of engineers worldwide. ERMA FIRST provide sales, maintenance and training to clients via a network of offices in 46 countries.
ERMA FIRST meets customer needs with simplicity, efficiency and reliability. Sustainability, innovation and trust are the core pillars of our approach.


ERMA FIRST FIT BTWS incorporates the most reliable and efficient filtration followed by a state-of-the-art disinfection stage.
Filtration takes place in either 40 microns automatic backwashing filters. The disinfection stage takes place using our own highly customized electrodes, providing the appropriate amount of disinfectant agent by using minimum power and ensuring compliance.
The ERMA FIRST FIT provides ship managers and operators with unmatched practical flexibility and allows the ships to operate unimpeded globally.
There is no need to slow down cargo operations, no need to undertake ballast water exchange and no need for treatment at discharge. 

ERMA FIRST: Ballast Water Treatment System
ERMA FIRST: Ballast Water Treatment System

Key Benefits

  • Capacity range from 50 to 3000m3/hr
  • Developed to exceed all the special installation requirements
  • Outstanding performance under the most demanding conditions
  • Long-lasting operation at an extremely small footprint element

Key Highlights

  • Simple and Flexible
  • Suitable for all pump capacities
  • Suitable for all available spaces
  • Suitable for Fresh Waters (0,9 PSU Salinity) & Low Temperature Waters (3oC)
  • Low Power Consumption in Various Waters (1,8 kW/100m3 at 30 PSU)

ASR proudly represents ERMA FIRST solutions.  Please contact our team for more information on how ERMA FIRST solutions can support your compliance goals.

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For more information, please visit: ERMA FIRST

For more information, please visit: ERMA FIRST FIT BWTS

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