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ERMA FIRST – Ballast Water Treatment System


ERMA FIRST has been developing cutting-edge BWTS solutions and has set the standard for effective ballast water treatment with superior operational readiness, build quality and ease of use.

ERMA FIRST incorporates the most reliable and efficient filtration followed by a state of the art disinfection stage. Filtration takes place in either 40 microns automatic backwashing filters (ERMA FIRST FIT) or in-house engineered 20 microns hydro cyclones (ERMA FIRST). The disinfection stage takes place in our own-design, highly customized electrodes, providing the appropriate amount of disinfectant agent by using minimum power and ensuring compliance. A special coating is applied on the electrodes, which are designed to minimize the production of harmful byproducts and have an extended life time of minimum 5000-6000hrs of operation.

Principal Landing Page
Principal Landing Page
  • High power efficiency
  • Single mode of operation
  • Devoid of issues plaguing side stream and UV systems
  • Only BWTS with integrated AI
  • Three different filter options
  • Single configuration satisfies both IMO and USCG requirements

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