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Environmental Regulation  compliance

Environmental Solutions for today and tomorrow


C-LNG Solutions Pte. Ltd

C-LNG combines the world class engineering capabilities in Singapore and production capabilities in China to provide the edge cutting and the most cost-effective solutions for LNG related projects, including: LNG Fuel Gas Supply Systems (FGSS), LNG Cargo Handling System (CHS), LNG Regasification, FSRU, small and medium size LNG logistics Solutions (small gas liquification, LNG storage tanks, LNG ISO tanks and LNG satellite stations), and more.

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Environmental Regulation and compliance projects
Environmental Regulation and compliance projects


ERMA FIRST incorporates the most reliable and efficient filtration followed by a state of the art disinfection stage. Filtration takes place in either 40 microns automatic backwashing filters (ERMA FIRST FIT) or in-house engineered 20 microns hydro cyclones (ERMA FIRST). The disinfection stage takes place in our own-design, highly customized electrodes, providing the appropriate amount of disinfectant agent by using minimum power and ensuring compliance. A special coating is applied on the electrodes, which are designed to minimize the production of harmful byproducts and have an extended life time of minimum 5000-6000hrs of operation.

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Environmental Regulation and compliance projects
Environmental Regulation and compliance projects

Scrubbers – CR Ocean Engineering

MARPOL compliance with state-of-the-art environmentally sound solutions, while offering maximum efficiency and design flexibility at the lowest possible costs.  CR Ocean Engineering scrubbers are ideal for use in a wide range of vessels, such as RO-RO, Ferries, Cruise Ships and Container Ships. They are designed for both new builds and retrofits with single engines or multi-streaming operations. CROE exhaust cleaning systems are available in three standard configurations: Open Loop; Closed Loop, and Hybrid System.

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Environmental Regulation and compliance projects
Environmental Regulation and compliance projects

Ocean Guardian

Today’s complex regulatory environment makes it increasingly difficult for crew members to rely on often outdated hard-copy manuals.  Ocean Guardian simplifies environmental operations planning, providing key decision making data at your fingertips. The searchable global regulatory database matches a vessels location to applicable international, national, regional and port guidance.  The database is verified and vetted by a 3rd party maritime law firm and also includes:

  • Alarms & Notifications
  • Simple User Interface
  • Flexible Installation
  • 24/7 Service & Support

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oneTank Product Diagram


oneTANK, an ERMA FIRST company, treats ballast water within the vessel’s ballast tank and has no filters, ultra-violet lamps or electrolytic chlorine generators. Its footprint is only 600mm x 600mm, half the size of its nearest competitor. Its power consumption is similar to that of a household washing machine. With low-running costs and full regulatory complianceoneTANK provides a ballast water management solution which works in all water qualities and salinities.

oneTANK is an ideal solution for: Semi-Submersibles, Work Boats (Dredge/Tugs/OSVs), Aft Peak Tanks, Fishing Vessels, & Yachts.

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Environmental Regulation and compliance projects

MGO Chillers

Computer Controlled Increase In Viscosity Of MGO Via Cooling


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